Matters of the Earth | Communicating Knowledge For New Audiences

Matters of the Earth is an organisation that specialises in knowledge dissemination, engagement and impact. Matters of the Earth are bridging the gap between the academic and creative worlds by unarchiving, re-imagining and visualising knowledge for engagement and mobilisation. They creatively collaborate with activists, academics, communities and organisations and place innovative tools into hands to educate and empower people in organising, strengthening and building movements.

Matters of the Earth creates innovative materials to engage a broad range of local and global audiences and learners of all ages on a range of social, economic, political and environmental topics. This outstanding collective of creatives offer a unique set of skills to those they collaborate and build partnerships with – combining activist, artistic and academic specialism with cutting edge technological techniques and professional multi-media services.

Matters of the Earth believes that nobody has the right to claim ownership over knowledge and that its distribution should be free, global and available to all without restrictions or limited by socio-economic status. This ideology is the roots that ground Matters of the Earth and everything they create stems from this.

All in the Matters of the Earth collective are practising activists, artists and authentic practitioners. We do not take on projects unless we believe that the outcomes will result in individual & community empowerment and positive, progressive global change. We contribute towards ‘Intersectional Liberation’ for ALL Black Lives around the world. We stand by our beliefs, our projects, our tools and knowledge materials and we stand on the frontline in solidarity with all those who fight against oppression of the poor, vulnerable and marginalised.

Respect, Love and Solidarity